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The Manalapan Baseball and Softball Association (MBSA)

The MBSA is a youth sports organization located in Manalapan, New Jersey.  We seek to develop young baseball and softball players through the teaching of accepted fundamentals and current techniques.  In addition to training and practice time we offer competitive baseball and softball events through our rec and travel programs and are very pleased at the the growing success of our Challenger program.

While development and success are important, our primary mission is to develop the ideals of sportsmanship, character, loyalty, and courage in our players so that we can help not only make better ball players, but better people.



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by posted 06/09/2019
Baseball Skills Clinic I

Baseball Skills Clinic I

featuring MHS Varsity Coach Brian Boyce

Ages 7-11

Skills clinic I will focus on the fundamentals of baseball and provide an opportunity to ingrain techniques that will be utilized at the varsity level and beyond.

June 24-27 9AM- Noon 

Rec 6

Register by clicking the Baseball Clinic button above.


Field Status
American Legion Field - Englishtown TBD (6/19) 
Clark Mills 1 - Manalapan OPEN (6/19) 
Clark Mills 2 - Manalapan OPEN (6/19) 
Holiday Park - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
Lafayette Mills Field 2 - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
Lafayette Mills Field 3 - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
Manalapan HS Field 1 - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
Manalapan HS Field 2 - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
MEMS Softball Field - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
Millford Brook - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
MRC 1 - Manalapan OPEN (6/19) 
MRC 2 - Manalapan OPEN (6/19) 
MRC 3 - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
MRC 4 - Manalapan OPEN (6/19) 
MRC 5 - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
MRC 6 - Manalapan OPEN (6/19) 
MRC 7 - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
MRC 8 - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
MRC 9 - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
MRC K - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
Pine Brook School 1 - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
Pine Brook School 2 - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
Sanford Park - Englishtown TBD (6/19) 
Taylor Mills School 1 - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
Taylor Mills School 2 - Manalapan TBD (6/19) 
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Financial Assistance

The MBSA is committed to the notion that all children in our community should have the opportunity to play baseball or softball regardless of one's personal financial situation.    

If you feel your financial situation might be impeding your child's ability to participate, you might qualify for a Registration Scholarship. Click here for details and to apply. 

  • Please note:  All inquiries are confidential.
  • Assistance is only available for the rec program.  Travel programs are funded by the teams, not MBSA and are thus not eligible.  
  • Members of the travel program do not qualify for assistance in the rec program.